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Hindu Temple Cultural Center of Iowa(HTCC) is a place of worship for Hindus living in Central Iowa. This temple follows Vedic Traditions and Rituals practiced in India for over 2000 years.

Located on the banks of Des Moines River 4 miles South of Madrid Township on Hyway 17, HTCC offers a peaceful and serene environment for Meditation and Prayers.

The thought of having a place of worship for Hindu Community started in early 2000 and with the dedication and hard work of several donors and patrons, culminated in the construction of a new temple, in June 2005. A milestone event in the history of Iowa as the heartland that provides Diversity and Cultural heritage. A peaceful journey of HTCC thus began and since then, has been part of lives of all Hindus and people of other faiths with colorful festivals and events celebrated with devotion and reverence.

Come and visit us, be part of of celebrations and festivals, learn about Hinduism or just marvel at the architecture.

Om!! Shanti, Shanti, Shanti!!!